Teaching with the Farm

Research has noted that hands-on education and involvement with on-campus farms is “extremely valuable and … an important supplement to classroom-based instruction” (Leis et al., 2011). Food production is intrinsically linked to political, economic, and social structures as well as to the natural sciences, and so a range of departments across the Claremont Colleges can make use of the Farm for their courses.

In the past year, the Farm has hosted courses taught by many other faculty member across a range of departments, including Richard Hazlett in the Environmental Analysis Program, Nicki Lisa Cole in the Sociology Department, Matthew Chinn in the Classics Department, Nina Karnovsky in the Biology Department, Colin Robins from Keck Science, Catherine Winiarski in the English Department, and Art Horowitz from the Theatre Department. Some of these courses use the Farm as a laboratory, such as Professor Robin’s course which used deep pits around the Farm to analyze soil morphology, but others just use the Farm as a setting for a lecture or discussion, such as Professor Winiarski who wanted an appropriate place to discuss “Paradise Lost” with senior English majors. The Farm has also been used by individual students and student groups for projects in classes like Insect Ecology, Organizational Behavior, and Mixed Media/Sculpture.

The possibilities are endless and there is no limit to the collaborations that can happen between academics and the Farm. We can accommodate far more than just courses in the natural sciences and Environmental Analysis. If you want to talk more about how your course can use the Farm as a resource, please reach out to the Farm Manager, Adam Long, at adam.long@pomona.edu. If you are ready to request use of the Farm, please fill out the “Use Request” form on this page: http://farm.pomona.edu/forms/.