The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) promotes student learning and achievement by sustaining faculty in their development as teachers.  The TLC encourages critical reflection, pedagogical experimentation, and innovation in teaching. It fosters an informed and collaborative dialogue among faculty on matters relating to teaching, learning, and assessment by:

The TLC includes six faculty members, two from each division (at least one of whom is tenured), appointed to two‐year staggered terms.  It also includes the Director of Institutional Research, the Director of Instructional Services, the Director of College Writing/Assistant Director of College Writing, and the Associate Dean as ex-officio members.


Members for 2015-2016 are:
Travis Brown (Quantitative Skills Center)

Gale Burrow (Assistant Director for Educational Services, Library)

Dani Cook (Library)

Terri Geis (Museum of Art)

Mary McMahon (Director of Instructional Services)

Adam Pearson (Psychology)

Jennifer Rachford (Director of Institutional Research)

Lenny Seligman (Associate Dean, Biology)

Julie Tannenbaum Chair, (Philosophy)

Miguel Tinker Salas (History)

Michelle Zemel (Economics)

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